The birds and the bees…

I’ve been sitting in the garden all afternoon, revising Spanish, and I have been very distracted by all the things in my garden.

There is a big purple bush full of big purple flowers in the corner by the fence, and it is constantly buzzing. If you look closely, it is covered in bumblebees, and because they are so busy with the flowers, they all have purple beehinds. Ha!

There are also lots of House Sparrows eating the seeds (and some bread I put out for them because it had a mysterious hole in it), and there was this one bird that took up a massive hunk of bread, and carried it over to the roof. Then it dropped it, and it tumbled all the way down off the roof, and the little bird chased it all the way! But when it got to the edge, I think it got scared, and the bread tumbled away. I felt very sorry for the bird and its lost meal, so I picked it up and put it back in the bird-bread-bowl, and it came back later and pecked at it. A lesson for us all – don’t eat more bread than you can carry.

I would much rather sit in my garden than watch football 🙂


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