Theatre, Cakes and Warmth.

To show my cultural side, I saw a play yesterday called Austen’s Women. It was only one woman called Rebecca Vaughan, and she played lots of different characters from Jane Austen’s books. I must say, it was just fab! Bravo!

In the last 4 days, I have sampled 4 different cakes:

The first? A Victoria Sponge. I was particularly pleased with the height, as some sponges can be very flat like a fluffy digestive. The second delight which I tasted was very decorative: an oblong of sponge, with cherry jam, almond paste and white icing on the top.  Yes it was a bakewell cake, but it was mmnice! My third cake was a ‘Light Choices’ Lemon Drizzle slab. This was adequate, very small, but the sugar crystals on top made a nice crunch! And lastly…my FAVOURITE of all cakes. Mr Kipling Manor House! MMMM. It is fruity, moist and dense. All in all, a good week for cake.

Today, the conservatory was really warm from the sun, so I let Flower the hedgehog out to run around, like she was in the African plains. She uncurled, and hobbled into the food shovel, so I scooped her up and she nearly fell off.  She didn’t though, so don’t you panic! I gave her some worms.

I’ve run out of things to say, so here is Yzma:


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