The Beach and Rhubarb and Ribbons…

I tried Earl Grey tea for the first time today. It was pleasant, with a herbacious taste.

On Friday it was our last day of college, and I went to the beach with all my lovely buds. We went swimming and I put my head right under! Once I had numbed all over, it was suprisingly warmish, and we had a BBQ with bananas and chocolate, and I had a salmon fillet. Mm! The only tricky part of the evening was getting changed; we had to hide behind the beach-huts at the back of the beach, and there were far too many gaps through which we could be seen. At one point, a handsome boy in a red top walked past, and he nearly saw my boob. Luckily, I was so covered in sand that I was camouflaged to the beach, like a sand crab.

I was reading The Midhurst and Petworth Gazette today at work (fab), and I came across an astounding article that I would like to share. It was titled: Rhubarb Robbers Close To Custardy. It made me giggle, so I read on. Apparently, someone has been stealing a man’s rhubarb straight from his garden! I was shocked, I was upset. I wanted to buy this man some more rhubarb. So if it’s you, you pesky Midhurst hooligans, don’t do it anymore.

The other day, Harriet and I bought a reduced Lemon Victoria Sponge Birthday Cake and split it, and my half had a rose with a ribbon tied round it, and when I had eaten all the cake, I put the ribbon in my hair. It was pink and looked nice, but the rose was made of sugar so I ate it. I bet my insides look pretty 🙂

Father Ted’s on now.


2 thoughts on “The Beach and Rhubarb and Ribbons…

  1. Greatly enjoyed the radiations of joy from the Beach Bash Boogie video ,I am told this was at some kind of Wittering is this true?Also greatly enjoy crumble and custard with rhubarb that has travelled a mere 10 yards from garden to dish.

  2. I had Earl Grey once. If you ever go to America (again for Tiffy), they’ve got a cereal called “Fuity Loops”. We brought back a box when we came home. The taste is uncannily like Earl Grey, but Fruity Loops probably taste like anything; E numbers are so lovely! 🙂

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