Cupcakes, Lost and Storybooks…

I have finished my Spanish oral exams (ahhgoodyey) and tomorrow I will give in my Art book all finished, so now I only have two exams left. This means that I have started thinking about all the wonderful things I can do when I have finished them! If you too suffer from exams, then please join me on this lovely daydream.

The first thing I shall do is put to use the delightful recipe book that my mum bought for me  – it is called Cupcakes from the Primrose Bakery. Doesn’t that sound wonderful?! It has all these LOVELY recipes for loads of different cupcakes, and my favourites are the Rose ones and the Chocolate & Orange ones. I shall make thousands of batches and give them to all my friends! Aha!

This is it:

The second thing I shall do is borrow all the series of Lost, which is definitely the best program ever made; it is better than everything except The Fast Show, which is king of laughing. So I shall go to the library (because it’s something like £2 for a week!) and get ALL the episodes in their box sets and sit at home and get some tea and cakes and watch one after the other. I need to do this because I only got to watch the first two series because then it moved to Sky, which is a stupid company with stupid channels. It is vital that I watch it.

The third thing is, I am going to write a novel! Now I have never written anything like a novel before, so it will either be just SHOCKING or really good, and I think it will have some mysterious twist or murder in it or something. I think whenever a story is boring, a murder sorts it right out. Maybe…there will be a field, with two lovers having a champagne brunch, and then suddenly a fire or a bomb! No, it must be realistic. Maybe a blackbird will fly into them.

So that is my plan so far for the Summer. I might go to Italy too, to broaden my Renaissance horizons…



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