Sticky buds, cider and a hot-cross recommendation.

Yesterday I went to Beltain, which is the festival at Butser Ancient Farm where they burn the big wicker man. Usually I work on the BBQ, but this year I was on the bar, which is the highlight of my life as an 18 year old so far. No more burger smoke in my hair for weeks on end, oh no. It’s cider and ale for me now people. If you want to know about barkeeping, I AM THE ONE TO ASK! Although I am not very knowledgeable about anything other than pulling pints of cider and beer, so actually don’t ask. I can also open coke cans.

When I had a break from this profession, I walked around the farm to see what sites I could find. I spent a while at the falconry enclosure. I like birds. Then I stumbled upon a little hut that was verrry dark inside. It looked doomful and exciting, so I went in. There was a lady who was talking about herbs, and here is a secret I have learnt:

You know those sticky buds, which you can stick on people’s backs as a fun time? We have all done it, so don’t pretend you’re maturity exceeds your desire to ridicule people with greenery. Well, they are actually called Cleavers, and if you chop them up and chop up some dandelion leaves, they make nice tea! So that is that. I hope you weren’t waiting for the secret of life there.

Finally, I wouuld like to share a delightful food type with everybody: Hot-Cross Buns with Saffron. Now, I know what you’re thinking –

“What is she saying? I can’t afford saffron in my foods. It is a valuable and expensive spice native to Southwest Asia. I’m leaving this group right now.”

Well I say STOP THERE! No, you can purchase these deliciously golden buns for only a few pennies more than the usual types. And I tell you, it is worth it! They are balls of sunshine.

You may call me crazy, but I know my buns.


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