Flower and a bird and Spanish orals.

Well. What an exciting few Easter days I have had.

I got many Easter eggs, which I have eaten except for one which is a Chocolate Chick with buttons inside, so its really heavy! It’s refreshing to have an Easter treat that isn’t hollow.

All I have been doing at the moment is working, gyming or revising. I would just like to publish this fact, that I have lost 10cm off my tummy in the last month, and so now everyone knows and can congratulate me. Thanks. I’m fab.

My revision is shit. I have a Spanish oral on Friday, and my mind is filled with exciting sentences and paragraphs about my opinion on Latinamerican films, celebrities and lesbians. Its THRILLING, and then I have another oral in 3 weeks about the Spanish civil war and a play by a Spaniard. If you see me before then, please do ask me about the bombing of Guernica or symbolism in Lorca’s work. It would help.

A key event in my recent life occured on Wednesday. There I was, perched on my bed and watching my hedgehog, Flower, snuffling around the room, when I realised she was headed towards her favourite corner, where I can’t get her out of. I leapt to her rescue! Over there I hurried, crouched on the floor, and tried to pick her up with my slipper sock to protect me, and I tried to roll her away. Just then, I rolled her into a mysterious object next to her, black and fluffy. It is not unusual to find unnameable objects in my room, so at first I didn’t really notice anything. Then I saw the feathers, screamed, abandoned Flower and ran back over to my bed. A HORRIBLE BIRD WAS DEAD ON MY FLOOR! We have cats, and I have no problem when they bring in alive animals. In fact, I like to consider myself some kind of animal whisperer when I help them to safety. We definitely have some kind of Pocahontasy connection. But I really don’t like dead birds, and it was black, so I was certain it was a death omen.

So, having phoned everyone I could think of, as everyone coinsidently happened to be away that day, I decided to phone my friend Alice, who’s boyfriend lived nearby. However, that brave and noble bud of mine came all the way over herself, and together we managed to dispose of the deadly fiend, using a poster tube and a dustpan. A proud moment for both of us. Cheers Alpal.

Now, I am very excited because we are having avocado, bacon and poached egg salad, and it comes from a Waitrose recipe book so it must be good.



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