The Big Red Apple

I have now been awake for 29 hours, and I have had thousands of rivers of tea and coffee.

New York is one of the COOLEST places in the world, however fruit and vegetables cost too much. In the past 5 days I have eaten one apple and some fruit that was sprinkled on the top of a yoghurt. For breakfast I had bagels that were swamped in cream cheese (sometimes with garlic, which was a good choice). For lunch and dinner, we had an assorted array of pizza, stromboli, Chinese sesami chicken, chips, dips and oatmeal cookies. Jesus-Chrysler-building it was unhealthy and good.

One time, we went to Chinatown, and because it was the end of the trip I had spent the majority of my money. We went to some weird tea-soaked shop with some Chineses in it, and I ordered the cheapest thing on the menu: ‘Jumbo Tea Eggs’. I didn’t know what they were, but I like eggs. They were in fact hard-boiled eggs soaked in tea. The waiter came along and sort of..dropped them on the table, and they rolled around for a while. Then I ate them, and I didn’t know if I should eat the shells or not? They eat some weird stuff. I ate a  bit, and it was horrible, like grit.

The tramps in New York are HORRIBLE. You’d have thought they would be nice so that people would give them money, but not our one. We were walking to our YMCA one night, and he was sitting outside in a puddle. As we walked towards him, he suddenly shouted “Fuckin’ idiots!” at us. Why?? Why?? We were all shocked, and didn’t say anything. Instead, we unanimously crossed the road in silence until we had passed the fiend, after which we recrossed and sheltered in our hovel of a hostel, which also housed an odd Hispanic man who claimed I had “cute toes”. Yum.

One habit which the Chinese inhabitants of New York had was the incessant need to approach us, mumbling tiny words all the way. When we were roaming Chinatown again, they were just so odd! “I give you one DVD one dime”. It wasn’t even gramatically correct. What do you want? Me to buy some strange knock-off DVD for a dime? To be perfectly honest, I was poor enough as it was at that point, and I did NOT want to spend my last dimes on your crappy produce. In fact, we managed to buy an extra special treat from some Japanese shop: it was a tiny white cake that looked like a nipple, and it had bean-paste inside. It was sweet and savoury and unpleasant.

I keep dropping off, so I had better stop.


One thought on “The Big Red Apple

  1. So now you have experienced the good and bad of NYC. You must be in a rough part of the city as we didn’t have any run-ins at all by any vagrants or vagabonds.

    The bars are fine. Friendly.
    Fruit is available everywhere. You have to visit the food stores. Ah! Car required! Or maybe a lift by someone you know there? Or even a cab.

    My hotel room was more like a fruit and vegetable store than an hotel room. My fridge, as small as it was, managed to intercept most of the produce prior to me doing the same.

    So soon you’ll be heading back to the wet and windy UK huh? It’s a long flight back as things t be done have been done. Stare at the screen. Stare at your closed eyelids. But don’t fall asleep on an aeroplane. You run the risk of muttering in your sleep, snoring and worse…..dribbling! Everyone will be watching you dribble. As they depart, eyes will be on you and those closest to your episode would be giving you a nod of the head, to say ‘I saw you dribble’.

    I stay awake. I exhaust my laptop battery watching DVD’s and then lean against the window, feeling the fuel-fed heartbeats of the plane. The ‘bong bongs’ of the call system interrupting any chance of slipping into a state of complete relaxation. And then there are the American accented majority or just talk about anything, yet nothing.

    Anyway daughter, have a great trip back. xx

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