Now that my Art deadline is over…

I’m just watching a film called 9 Months, it has Hugh Grant in it – he is lovely.

Also, I definitely recommend Butterscotch flavoured biscuits, with actual chunks of butterscotch in.

Now then, I am REALLY looking forward to Alice In Wonderland (5th May) and it will be SOOOO good! And I am doing my next art project on Alice in Wonderland and the child’s imagination, which is very exciting. And also, I don’t think there are any films with Helena Bonham-Carter without Johnny Depp in it. Especially Tim Burton ones. Kirsty LOVES Tim Burton.

I gave my baby hedgehog Flower a swim yesterday, and she didn’t like it, and she tried to climb out. So don’t give hedgehogs swims.

ALSO I finished a reeeeeeeeeeeeally good book yesterday called The Secret Scripture, and it was about a woman who lived in Ireland in the religious clash days, and she was 100 years old. It is very good, everyone should read it, or Lord of the Rings as that is good too. I have put on my personal statement that I have read Crime and Punishment by Feodor Dostoyevsky, and I have only REALISTICALLY read about 1 chapter, so I am having to read that now. It was originally Russian, so there is lots of snow and communism I think, although I’m not sure.

I am going to New York in 3 weeks, and then Paris at Easter. I’m so cultured and well-travelled, sometimes I shock myself!


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