Avatar is Ferngully.

I would say I’m about average when it comes to movie-loving.  I like a good chick-flick, I like SOME action films. I used to love horror until I saw The Ring. To be honest, I think Disney is the way forward. They cover everything: let’s take Robin Hood for an example. You’ve got near-death experiences, arrows flying everywhere, Robin Hood’s Wanted DOA reward, you never know what’s waiting round the corner for this fox. You’ve got love, Robin and Maid Marion’s wonderful affair, moonlit nights by the waterfall, hearts carved in trees, the whole package. Then you’ve got thrilling twists: King John’s desire to “squeeze every last penny” out of the peasants of Nottingham, Robin Hood’s cunning ideas to rob him, EVEN THOUGH HE IS ROYALTY! There’s just no stone left unturned when it comes to Disneys. They are severely underated. And the songs are cool.

And I went to see Avatar in 3D the other day, and it is BRILLIANT! I recommend it to all. It is your typical story of how man destroys everything, which is perfectly true. Although I hated the bit where the trees fell down. It was awful to watch. But I won’t give any more away. SEE IT. DO IT. NOW. But I was sitting there, and it suddenly dawned on me….this is EXACTLY the same story as Ferngully. Now when I said this to my friends, no one knew what it was, except for my friend Hannah, and she agreed, so I was right. She’s pretty clever. But if you somehow get to watch Ferngully, maybe on one of those free movie websites, then it is exactly the same. And Ferngully is very good, so I’m not complaining. But no joke.



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